We can provide workshops virtually or in-person. Workshops can also be customized based on the need of the organization, group or school. All workshops can also include a make and take at the end.

Classroom management

During the workshop we will discuss support needed, how to modify the curriculum based on individual need, how to complete group activities, learn about classroom management and learn how to design the environment for success.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

During this workshop we will complete an overview of Autism Spectrum Disorder. We will discuss common difficulties an individual may face; communication difficulties, social impairments, restrictive and repetitive behavior, and maladaptive behaviors.

Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis

This presentation will include an overview of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), simple terminology connected with the field, an overview of the areas that ABA can be implemented in and a discussion on who can provide ABA.

How to Prevent Challenging Behaviors

This presentation will include discussing why behaviors start, the function of behaviors and how to collect data. We will end the discussion on how to implement proactive interventions to prevent and decrease challenging behaviors.

How to Teach Self-Help Skills

Through the principles of ABA families can teach their child these skills through task analysis and reinforcement. In the training, we will review how parents can teach activities of daily living; toothbrushing, bathing, dressing, meal prep, and how to follow through with the skills.

Communication Systems for Individuals with Special Needs

This is an overview of augmentative communication systems available, the research behind the programs, and what ABA principles can be used to teach the individual to express their wants and needs.

Toilet Training

This workshop will consist of an overview of prerequisites for starting toilet training, step by step instructions for a protocol, discussion on common misconceptions and determining necessary environmental modifications for success.