If you have a pre-teen daughter, you most likely have started thinking about the changes that she is going to experience at some point. Puberty is something that can be scary, but with the correct interventions, success can occur. There are a lot of resources out there, but it is difficult to find the resources that are age and developmentally appropriate. Here are some resources that I share with families when they bring the concern of puberty to me.

Being prepared for menstrual cyclesThe Dot Girl products: The period kit supplies a feminine bag, an answer book, a period diary, pads, cleaning wipes and a small heating pad.

American Girl doll books: American Girl has books about caring for the body, The Care & Keeping of You, there are two series. These books are very easy to read and have great visuals.AmericanGirl books about the body

YouTube: There are some great video modeling tutorials on YouTube. One is called How to Put a Sanitary Pad into Panty During your Period. How to Insert a Tampon is another video tutorial on YouTube, the information starts around 3:20.

Therapy recommendations: I suggest starting the teaching procedures and shaping the desired behaviors, wearing pads or tampons, before the menstrual cycle starts. I also recommend buying a variety of pads and allowing the individual to feel them, we all know they can feel different. Once the pad is chosen, shape the behavior by increasing the length of time required to wear the pad before the cycle starts.

Research: Suppression of Menstruation in Adolescents with Severe Learning Disabilities, breaks down the therapeutic options for the reduction of a menstrual cycle.

In conclusion, puberty can be difficult to talk about, but starting interventions beforehand can help with the process. Share your experience with teaching these concepts and reach out with any questions.