My name is Erin, I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst that lives in Central Pennsylvania. I am a wife who tries to balance life and my passion for promoting quality applied behavior analysis services. The blog was started to spread the word about events in the community, share resources and help with tips.

I attended Bloomsburg University and received my Bachelor of Science in speech pathology and audiology in 2012. At the end of my 4 years there, I decided the field of speech pathology and audiology was not for me; however, I was very fortunate to come across the field of applied behavior analysis.

In 2012, I enrolled in Sage Colleges online ABA master’s program and started working at Kennedy Krieger, Center for Autism and Related Disorders. I completed my master’s program and supervision in Baltimore, Maryland and then sat for the board exam in August of 2014. I worked extremely hard and passed the board exam my first time. Receiving the email that I passed, has been one of the most memorable events in my life.

Over the years, I have worked in a variety of settings, and each of them has made me a stronger advocate and teacher for the field. I worked in early intervention classrooms, in a private ABA preschool, in a private school for individuals with special needs and in the local intermediate unit. Currently, I am working in a public school and providing in-home ABA therapy.

Besides working with individuals with special needs and their families, I have a passion for providing training’s to community organizations. I have provided training’s to schools, fire departments, police departments, EMS departments, and local businesses. I have also organized multiple sensory friendly events in the central Pennsylvania community. For instance, swim events, library nights, yoga nights and open gym events. Being a Board Certified Behavior Analyst is not an easy job; however, it is very rewarding.

I am happy to answer any questions and love hearing about your experience in the field.