Making materials for your students or child is possible in a few steps. Making materials can help increase communication, build visual schedules, create choice boards, and interactive story materials.

The second step is to put your pictures in a PowerPoint slide. This will allow you to pick the size, border and to make changes to the pictures.

The third step is to print out the PowerPoint slide and cut out each picture. I am a huge fan of a paper cutter for this task. Here is my favorite one: Papercutter Recommendation

Once the pictures are cut out, you need to reinforce the picture. This can be done by laminating the pictures or covering with packing tape. I love my Fellow Laminator: Laminator Recommendation

Once you laminate your pictures, you need to cut them out. My suggestion is leaving about ¼ inch around the sides to prevent the pictures from peeling.

The next step is to attach velcro to your pictures, this helps prevent them from getting lost. If making a choice board or communication board, I suggest laminating a plain piece of paper to attach the pictures.  Here is a suggestion for velcro: Velcro Recommendation

Here is an example of the choice board that I made for choosing Go-Noodle songs at swim practice.

Creating materials for your child or students can help increase independence, communication and social skills.