The goal is for inclusion and acceptance to happen for individuals with special needs in the community and during school. For this goal to be achieved, parents, teachers and community leaders need to take some time to talk about disabilities, the different types of communication and some of the difficulties that anyone could face. I am here today to share some resources that are available to build awareness.

One resouNick_bookletrce is from Organization for Research (OAR). The resource, a kit, is called What’s Up With Nick and it explains how a boy with autism, named Nick, experiences different senses and has accommodations in school. The kit includes an online video, booklet, poster and workbooks. The workbooks are broken down for different age groups, k-1, 2-3, 4-5 and 6-8. One of my favorite activities is having the group draw a picture of how they would be a good friend to someone with autism.

Find the resource here: Whats Up With Nick

Another resource is a disability awareness packet that Deer Valley Unified School District put together. The packet does a good job explaining in simple terms about all disabilities; including vision impairment, physical impairment, autism, and hearing impairment. Each chapter has a great description and multiple activities that would make individuals aware of some difficulties that an individual could face, but also the positives of a disability.

Find the resource here: Disability Awareness PacketAutism Awareness Unit - Help Raise Understanding and Knowledge!

The final resources is from The Autism Helper. She created a resource in her Teachers Pay Teachers store that was built for Autism Awareness Month. The resource contains; lesson recommendations, fact sheets, sensory fact sheets and materials to create a bulletin board. With autism awareness month approaching soon, it would be a great time to start the conversation.

Find the resource here: Autism Awareness Resources

Another way to expose individuals to disabilities would be including books in your classroom, home library or community library. Here are some book suggestions: